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The Master Class 


Zodiacal Forces in Human Soul 

on July 24 & 25, July 31 & August 1, August 7,8 2021

Timing : 6:30 - 10:00pm IST/ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

(with half an hour break)

(Language : English) 

  • What does the Zodiac mean to human beings?

  • Which relationships do we cultivate with the constellations from the Zodiac?

  • Could we be influenced by them in any way? If so, how does that manifest in our lives?


Long ago, when people looked up to the stars, they saw Divine Spiritual beings pouring their strength into shaping and guiding them from celestial distances. Today, as we look at the starry sky, we only see celestial bodies shining luminous substance.

Since human beings have lost the ability to see the beings from the Divine Hierarchies who inhabit the stars, it is our task now  to find a new way of perceiving them and understanding this relationship. 


Instead of simply letting ourselves be guided by them unconsciously, we can perceive this power and choose how to develop this mighty gift, out of consciousness and freedom.


The goal of this course is to build a new relationship with the stars and with ourselves, investigating our own biography in order to get in touch with the Divine Spark that lives in us to develop it.

The master class provides you with tools to use the understanding of the Zodiac signs with your clients.

The Masterclass has already started.


We would love to see you next time. 

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