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Gratitude from the Association for Holistic Biography Work


The thanks almost always comes at the end of a journey. However, here it would be good to say it at the beginning, for it wouldn't have been possible without them. 


Gratitude to the Spiritual World for making the Association a reality and for all the guidance on the path to becoming.


Heartfelt thanks to all the masters who created Biography Work, Rudolf Steiner, Ita Wegman, Gudrun Burkhard, Bernard Lievegoed and Coenrad Van Houten, and who gave us the reason for this community.


Deep gratitude to Karl-Heinz Finke, who has been travelling for so many years to India, conducting courses and the Biography Work Training. He inspired us to follow our Biographical journeys and integrate it with various other fields.


Thanks to Dr.Delna Tarapore and Meena Shivaram for inviting Karl and Mara and thereby laying the foundation for Biography Work in India.

Thanks to our senior mentors and fellow Biography practitioners in different parts of the world, who felt in their hearts, the need for common shared space for Biography Work and this need created the impulse for an Association for Holistic Biography Work. 


A special thanks to Karl’s second batch of trainees  - Anil Grovor, Bindu Ajit, Deepa Mahesh, Janaki Anant, Jharna Gupta, Namrata Ravindra Sharma, Neelu Dhungana, Ramadevi Pattabhiraman, Rashmi Malhotra, Rakee Mathur, Saiprabha Koneru, Sangita Kamath, Sandhya Durai, Surya Chirravuri, Vibha Manian. The deep connection, the strong love and the enjoyment of each other’s company brought forth the idea of an organization for Biography Work, as a space to come together regularly, to share and to learn. Some held this idea in their heads, some in their hearts and others in their hands….


…..and into this prepared space, Karl, who had been traveling for so many years to India, to foster a community of Biography Practitioners, planted a seed for a professional body of Biography Consultants. This seed took the form of the Association.


Deep gratitude to five of the fifteen trainees, Janaki Anant, Namrata Ravindra Sharma, Rashmi Malhotra, Sandhya Durai & Surya Chirravuri who invested their time and energy in having conversations about getting the Association started...


.... and to two of the five trainees, Rashmi Malhotra & Sandhya Durai who carried the task and gave the Association its form.


Thanks to Ashish Malhotra, who set up the Association website and email address, making the association visible to & interacting with the world. Despite his many preoccupations, he made this happen.

Thanks to Vibha Hariharan, Rakhee Mathur, Sushmita Sekar & Shashaank, for helping us design the logo for the Association.


Thanks to Sachin and Sharon, who helped in getting the Association's name registered.


Last, but not the least, big thanks to Arun Gupta, the Company Secretary who ensured that the Association became a registered entity, despite many hiccups and obstacles. He kept trying till it actually happened.

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