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Our Vision

To create a space with reverence and love, for a global community of Biography Practitioners to Connect, Enrich, Grow and Support.

Why 'Holisitic'?

While Biography Work is based in Anthroposophy, we are open to our members integrating it with other ancient spiritual wisdom streams.


We embrace all those who are integrating Biography Work with other healing or spiritual modalities and using it in different forms.


Our Members

 The Association for Holistic Biography Work is for all those who are exploring or practicing Biography Work based on Anthroposophy, across the globe.

The Association is also for those who are integrating other ancient spiritual wisdom with Biography Work, either in their study, exploration or practice.


All Biography Associations and Institutions applying Biography Work, from different parts of the world, are also welcome as members. 

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Our Intention


The Association aims to provide a platform for  Biography Practitioners from across the world to stay connected with each other, spread their work and share their learning across time and space. 


It desires to enrich the knowledge and experience of its members by creating regular opportunities to interact with other Biography practitioners, mentors and teachers across the globe.

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Our Story

The Association was born as an impulse from the second batch of Karl’s Biography students. Two students from the batch, Sandhya Durai and Rashmi Malhotra decided to formalize the impulse and formed the Association, on behalf of all Biography practitioners from across the world. 

The Association is a not-for-profit, Section 8 company, registered in India, aimed at providing space for growth and interaction of Biography Workers.

Our core team has grown to include Sangita Kamath & Ritu Jain. We now have more than 125 members from 22 different countries. The Association is currently working on strengthening connections among members and providing them a platform to Connect, Enrich, Grow and Support through it's various offerings.

We envision to have a Board which represents all cultures and countries, to ensure an equal participation of all the Biography Practitioners across the world.

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