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Abstract Waves

      Gudrun Kröekel Burkhard

Born to German parents in São Paulo on 12th December 1929, she grew up in São Paulo doing her studies from elementary to high school in Brazilian schools, but at home until she was 7 she spoke only German.

Vegetarian since birth, daughter of naturalist Walter Kröekel, Gudrun studied medicine at the University of São Paulo (USP) graduating in 1953. Two years later she went to study Anthroposophical medicine in Switzerland and brought Anthroposophical medicine to Brazil, becoming the first Anthroposophical doctor in South America.

In 1952, with a family of 3 children and her husband Pedro Schmidt, she went to Germany and stayed for a year and a half. Pedro attended the seminar at the Waldorf School in Stuttgart and Gudrun studied the complementary part of anthroposophical medicine, eurythmy, art therapy and rhythmic massage, the last two with Margarethe Hauschka.

Back in Brazil and after some 3 years with a Terapeuticum at her home, together with her husband Pedro Schmidt they founded the Tobias Clinic (1969). At the time, her fourth child had already been born and together with other 3 doctors she began a more systematic work that soon led to the formation of courses in Anthroposophical medicine.

After these years of service, she noted the need to transform certain habits, thoughts, feelings of healing, and inner harmony.

Thus she developed with her second husband, Daniel Burkhard, the biographical methodology, based on lectures by Rudolf Steiner and the impulse of professor Bernard Lievegoed, after founding Artemisia Clinic, and from 1988 to 1998 giving courses in Europe, Brazil and the USA. In 1993 she began the training in Biographical Counseling, some years in São Paulo and then in other places like Juiz de Fora (MG) and Florianopolis (SC) where she had relocated in 1998. In Florianópolis, at the age of 70, Gudrun felt her mission was accomplished, but local needs demanded the set up of an anthroposophical clinic and Sagres Association, a centre of courses related to Anthroposophical medicine, pedagogy and therapies where she worked intensively until she was 82 years old.

She is the author of 18 books. Four on food and the others on biography. Gudrun also produced esoteric notebooks on mystery chains and gave many lectures on anthroposophical themes. Her book "Taking life in your own hands" has become a best seller and is translated into more than 15 languages.

Following a car accident, she went through a process with heart and spine problems and finally a fall on the femur that today prevents her movement and thus Gudrun dedicates herself to her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and artistic and creative activities.

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