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 1st Virtual Biography Gathering


Life Pathways & Biography Work -

Stepping Consciously into the Future

19th - 22nd November, 2020

12.30 - 16.30 IST


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"The new way of initiation is that of Intuition, Intuition which can be found in a group of people who are working together. Steiner says that such a group must be a karmic group. Karma, not only from the past, but, as can also be the case, karma for the future. We build up a karmic group of people, with whom we were never together before, when together with these people we WILL  something. "

                                                                                      -  Bernard Lievegoed

Towards the 21st Century: Doing the good

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The Association for Holistic Biography Work aims to provide a platform for Biography workers across regions to stay connected with each other and share their learning across time and space. It desires to enrich the knowledge and experience of its members by creating regular opportunities to interact with Biography practitioners, mentors and teachers across the globe.

White Branch
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The Association has been created with work that is purely voluntary and is an act of love. It is an offering to the world-wide Biography community. In the spirit of sharing, we do not wish to levy any membership charges. We hope that it will remain this way.

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